Other Projects

Shadow Heroes partners with a number of prestigious organisations on projects involving translation in the classroom.

Our work with the Poetry Translation Centre

Shadow Heroes is partnering with the Poetry Translation Centre to run a pair of workshops for a group of ten Key Stage 5 students. These students will be a mixture of state school and private school students who are either multilingual or have a dual heritage background. The 2019/2020 iteration of this project will have five students from London Academy of Excellence and five from Eton College. 

The Shadow Heroes workshop will focus on expanding students’ critical thinking around translation, introducing them to key skills and approaches that they can then apply in the following session. The PTC workshop will follow their collaborative translation model, giving the students a chance to translate a poem with the help of a bridge-translation. Together, the sessions will immerse students in the world of translation and empower them to recognise and expand on their own linguistic skills.

Our work with University of York

Shadow Heroes is partnering with Clementine Beauvais, Senior Lecturer in English in Education at the University of York, to pilot the project Between Languages and Cultures: literary translation workshops with monolingual children.

This project will be trialling a new model of translation workshop aimed at engaging monolingual primary school children with both the aesthetic and cultural aspects of language. This workshop is designed to make children experience what it’s like to think in another language and how this modulates worldview.

The workshops will take place in academic year 2019/2020 at five primary schools in County Durham.

Our work with the Queen’s Translation Exchange

The Queen’s College Translation Exchange is a new outreach and research initiative based at The Queen’s College, University of Oxford. It brings together expertise in literary translation and outreach across the country to develop a broad programme of translation-related activities for students, schools and the public. 

Shadow Heroes has collaborated with the QTE and the Stephen Spender Trust to develop and run the outreach training programme for undergraduate students.

This programme will be running for its second year in 2019/2020.

"Shadow Heroes are an inspiring organisation that excites young people into a better understanding of translation. Their work helps students develop their critical understanding of what's at stake when we translate something. We're thrilled to be partnering with them to provide bespoke poetry translation workshops for the classroom."
– Ed Doegar, Commissioning Editor at The Poetry Translation Centre

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