Translating humour

Understanding humour supports an understanding of wider linguistic culture, and grappling with it promotes insight into some of the toughest challenges translation can pose. Students will embark on the hazardous journey of taking humour across linguistic frontiers. They will engage in a series of diverse translation-based activities and examples from a range of languages. Students will learn that humour comes in many shapes and sizes and that, when it comes to translating it, we have to both make compromises and get creative.

“Pupils learnt to think laterally and outside the box, not just to take things at face value but to really question and think deeply – to question each other and to push their thought processes, both individually and as a team, to hone their translations and to envisage multiple possible outcomes and to be patient and appreciate that there is not always just one absolute answer – multiple translations are valuable and fascinating.”
– Teacher, Geneva English School

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