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Each time we Date A asian guy, people Ask me personally if he’s got a tiny Dick

Each time we Date A asian guy, people Ask me personally if he’s got a tiny Dick

But we can not inform due to my ginormous white-woman vagina

A couple of years right right back, I became walking across the street with A asian man we ended up being dating, plus some homeless man shouted “I’ll bet that man has a small cock,” at us. And, in a second of selfishness, I became like exactly exactly what the am that is fuck expected to in this example? We nevertheless have actually no concept. We don’t acknowledge it verbally, but he was given by me a hug even as we waited for the coach.

It had beenn’t the first occasion somebody had intruded on me personally with presumptions about A asian boyfriend’s cock size. I experienced a boyfriend that is serious university (well, since severe as my boyfriends ever get) and folks kept asking me about his cock also directly after we would been together for over a 12 months. In the beginning, we thought it ended up being type of funny and would laugh it well.

“I’m bisexual, half the individuals we date do not have even dicks. Just exactly just What do we worry about cock size?”

That isn’t a few thing that is politically correct state (however, it is extremely PC.) It is additionally like.. i will be legitimately style of confused by this type of questioning. This XKCD fundamentally sums up my look at penises:

This obsession with genitals seems… I don’t know as a bisexual woman. I am talking about, i suppose We have it to varying degrees, but inaddition it appears sorts of “5 old reluctant to use broccoli. 12 months” I feel just like, if i am into somebody, my standard attitude to whatever junk they’re rocking is “ok, let us offer that a whirl.” I am hardly ever really dreaming about such a thing, and We don’t believe the form, size, or variety of somebody genitals that are else’s eventually influenced the amount of sexual joy i am able to possess using them.