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Are far more Girls Actually Lesbian or Bisexual?

Are far more Girls Actually Lesbian or Bisexual?

We felt I read the pseudo-scientific psychobabble that spewed forth from Psychology Today‘s blog, “Sax on Sex like I was in the Twilight Zone the other week when.” In this specific entry, therapy and doctor Leonard Sax posits that there’s a reason why numerous girls are lesbian and bisexual nowadays:

Psychologist John Buss estimates that for the majority of of history, possibly 2percent of females were bisexual or lesbian(see note 1, below).

no actual more. Recent studies of teenage girls and women that are young that approximately 15% of young females today self-identify as lesbian or bisexual, compared with about 5% of young men whom identify as homosexual or bisexual

Sax additionally thinks there’s a match up between the boost in young guys having prepared and available usage of pornography and also this boost in feminine lesbian/bisexuality:

Maybe there is certainly. A new girl explained exactly how her boyfriend a few years back recommended that she shave her pubic hair, to ensure she might more closely resemble the porn stars have been this young man’s many constant supply of sexual arousal. She now identifies by herself as bisexual.

Ah, okay. We have an explanation for this “sudden” rise in female bi-sexuality and lesbians so we intermingle sketchy historical data with a few shocking anecdotes, and suddenly.