Creative translation workshops

We are an education initiative that supports young people in embracing all sides of their linguistic and cultural heritages. We do this through creative translation workshops that draw on students’ experiences and interests, and encourage them to think critically about issues such as representation, self-expression, and the relationship between language and power.

We believe in education that is critical, creative and inclusive, and that values all languages.

Languages are dynamic, varied and ever-changing. Language education in the UK does not currently reflect this reality. The curriculum focus on Western European languages and elite forms of English creates a perceived hierarchy, placing value on these languages over others. Our workshops shift that focus to create a more widely engaging, inclusive learning environment.

“The Shadow Heroes workshop has helped the students gain a fresh perspective on how the language we use reflects who we are and enabled them to think critically about the assumptions we might have about people from different backgrounds. The activities were imaginative and energised the class.”

Teacher, Farnborough Sixth Form College

Across our recent workshop series, 85% of students rated the workshop content 8/10 or above.

UNTEACH festival 2021

We hosted a free festival in collaboration with the Institute of Modern Languages Research, SOAS World Languages Institute, and The Endangered Languages Archive exploring pathways towards education that is free from prejudice and discrimination.

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‘- The first LGBT Macedonian novel.
- The first time English PEN has awarded titles from Guatemala and North Macedonia.
- The first time English PEN has awarded work translated from the Macedonian, Montenegrin, and Isaan Thai.’

Excited to be a part of this beautiful and subversive anthology that’s out today alhamdulillah

Calling all UK secondary schools! @GCHQ are running an online National Language Competition in November this year for Year 9 pupils across the country. For more information on the #GCHQNationalLanguageCompetition and to be added to the mailing list please email!