We believe all young people should feel like they belong. We believe in educational spaces that are critical, creative and that value all languages.

About Shadow Heroes

Formal language-learning does not currently reflect the dynamic and varied lived experience of language.

The focus on Western European languages and elite forms of English in the UK curriculum creates a perceived hierarchy, placing value on these languages over others.

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We are an education initiative that supports young people in embracing all sides of their linguistic and cultural heritages.

We do this through creative translation workshops that explore issues of representation, self-expression, colonial history and the power of language.

About Us
“The Shadow Heroes workshop has helped the students gain a fresh perspective on how the language we use reflects who we are and enabled them to think critically about the assumptions we might have about people from different backgrounds. The activities were imaginative and energised the class.”
– Teacher, Farnborough Sixth Form College
“The workshop have changed the way I see translation: it is a very creative process that requires great knowledge of oneself, society and literary and historical context.”
– Student, Lycée International Winston Churchill
“Pupils learnt to think laterally and outside the box, not just to take things at face value but to really question and think deeply – to question each other and to push their thought processes, both individually and as a team, to hone their translations and to envisage multiple possible outcomes.”
– Teacher, Geneva English School

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