Events + Consultancy

We run events which bring together key practitioners working towards education that allows all young people to thrive, regardless of their background. We offer consultancy to schools, organisations and teachers on inclusive education, language-learning, and translation in the classroom.

We offer consultancy

We are on the Steering Committee for The Queen's College Translation Exchange's new Inclusive Outreach through Translation programme.

Events we’ve organised

UNTEACH festival 2021

We hosted a free festival in collaboration with the Institute of Modern Languages Research, SOAS World Languages Institute, and The Endangered Languages Archive exploring pathways towards education that is free from prejudice and discrimination.

Where we’ve presented our work

Other places we’ve presented

Cumberland Lodge

University of Cork

Herts for Learning

Cheltenham Literary Festival

The Boarding Schools Association

“Shadow Heroes are an inspiring organisation that excites young people into a better understanding of translation. Their work helps students develop their critical understanding of what’s at stake when we translate something. We’re thrilled to be partnering with them to provide bespoke poetry translation workshops for the classroom.”

– Ed Doegar, Commissioning Editor at The Poetry Translation Centre

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