Superheroes are not afraid of translation: webcomics in Arabic

Led by literary translators Nariman Youssef and Sawad Hussain

This workshop will offer a brief introduction to the Arabic language and a deep dive into the world of Arabic comics. Students will translate episodes from an Egyptian webcomic and consider some of the questions translators of comics and graphic novels deal with: what is conveyed in the image itself? How do we translate sound, wordplay and humour? How does the intended audience affect our linguistic choices? The workshop will have students engage in fun translation-based activities, whilst challenging stereotypes around the Arabic language and its speakers.

“Stand out features included the excellent rapport between the translators running the workshops and the creative emphasis in the sessions. Another excellent feature was the boldness to present pupils with a language they didn’t know and say ‘You can do this!’”
– Teacher, Headington School

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