Sample Series III
A translator can face all manner of constraints: both external and internal. This series will challenge students to think creatively and question ideas of difference and uniformity under the spotlight of language.

It’s all OuLiPo to us

Translating within the constraints of the OuLiPo movement provokes students to questions what limitations they might already be working under, whether they know it or not.

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Translating for the masses

Following the evolution of The Phantom of the Opera: from magazine thriller to stage, screen and beyond, students explore the high stakes of translating a classic.

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Translating humour

Translating humour is no joke! The multilingual workshop calls for creativity, compromise and an open-mind, whilst offering insight into the heart of different linguistic cultures.

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Exploring gender bias in the Odyssey

The Odyssey has been translated through many media; but how, and by whom? This workshop discusses the translator’s power to reflect or reject gender bias in an ancient text.

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Masterclass in subtitling

Lights, camera… translation! Students will become subtitlers, negotiating a range of constraints in order to convey the spirit of the original.

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