Sample Series III
Translation is a listening exercise. Sound is an intrinsic part of any creative translation, and the workshops of this series bring that into focus. Through exploring concepts like slang and onomatopoeia, students learn to listen to the musicality of words, think about register and rhythm, and gain creative confidence by being aware of these elements in their own writing.

A translator’s tour of Turkish pop

Tune in to the nuances of language and music culture and sound out ways of translating a Turkish hit single… in the style of a British artist.

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All about register: translating slang

During this dynamic workshop students will explore the power structures evident in our own language and navigate these in their translations of a popular Brazilian rap song.

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Electric Guitar Jakarta

An introduction to Bahasa Indonesia and Jakarta, through rock music, this workshop focusses on translation as multisensorial, potentially anti-colonial, and—very importantly—creative play.

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