Sample Series IV
Stereotypes simplify the world, but the world’s richness would be lost without the layers of complexity that exist in every story. Translation, practised with ethical awareness, can bring these layers to life. This series equips students with the intellectual tools to recognise linguistic and cultural biases, and the creative techniques to challenge stereotypes.

Messages of solidarity in multilingual songs

Religion, language and race are a complicated tangle. In this workshop on Arab and Jewish music, we find clarity in solidarity.

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What’s in a house? A translation journey through race and class

Language is charged with race and class prejudice. What if we propose translation as a tool for resistance that centres care?

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A Luta Continua! Translating Portugal’s colonial past

Who gets to write history? This workshop compares accounts of the Portuguese colonial experience to explore how translation can enable a richer understanding of history.

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Translating political satire from Egypt

How can translators capture voices of dissent in their specific contexts? This workshop will explore political satire from Egyptian Arabic.

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Jugni goes to the UK: translating Punjabi Jugni

Jugni is everywhere in Punjabi poetry, music, and Bollywood songs. But who can say what or who Jugni is? This workshop tells you more.

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