Sample Series II
Translation encourages a discerning approach to language. In this series, students encounter the power of words to reflect or challenge relationships of power. They will explore concepts of multilingualism and linguistic diversity, and acquire a fresh outlook on literature, all while learning and applying key translation strategies.

Superheroes are not afraid of translation: webcomics in Arabic

In this workshop, students become superheroes tackling translations of an Arabic webcomic one episode at a time.

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Messages of solidarity in multilingual songs

Religion, language and race are a complicated tangle. In this workshop on Arab and Jewish music, we find clarity in solidarity.

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What’s in a house? A translation journey through race and class

Language is charged with race and class prejudice. What if we propose translation as a tool for resistance that centres care?

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Your English, my English: languages, hierarchies and stereotypes

Led by researcher and translator Mohini Gupta In this workshop, students travel between the worlds of English, Hindi and Urdu to translate…

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All about register: translating slang

During this dynamic workshop students will explore the power structures evident in our own language and navigate these in their translations of a popular Brazilian rap song.

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“The Shadow Heroes workshop has helped the students gain a fresh perspective on how the language we use reflects who we are and enabled them to think critically about the assumptions we might have about people from different backgrounds. The activities were imaginative and energised the class.”
– Teacher, Farnborough Sixth Form College

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