Sample Series II
Translation is a dynamic process of communication which flows through the body of the translator. This series will ask the students to reflect on how our life experiences, interests and biases shape our translations.  

Electric Guitar Jakarta

An introduction to Bahasa Indonesia and Jakarta, through rock music, this workshop focusses on translation as multisensorial, potentially anti-colonial, and—very importantly—creative play.

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Translating Russian feminist protest art

Students take to the streets of St Petersburg in this workshop, investigating the subversive potential of language through their translations of feminist political placards.

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A translator’s best friend: trusting your instinct

Using an Urdu poem, discover how you can embrace and nurture your sharpest tool as a translator and make it your ally in the long run.

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Keeping your eye on the Dragon Ball: translating Japanese anime

Does dubbing allow the Anglophone world access to the nuances of Japanese anime? In this workshop students will explore the challenges of translating this unique art form.

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Finding the translator in the text

Can the way we read a text ever be neutral, and should it? This workshop highlights how our different life experiences shape the way we interpret texts.

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“The Shadow Heroes workshop has helped the students gain a fresh perspective on how the language we use reflects who we are and enabled them to think critically about the assumptions we might have about people from different backgrounds. The activities were imaginative and energised the class.”
– Teacher, Farnborough Sixth Form College

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