Sample Series I
Translation requires an open and flexible mind. In this series, students will develop the skills of expert listeners and mediators, exploring linguistic diversity in different settings and broadening their ideas about language and translation.

Electric Guitar Jakarta

An introduction to Bahasa Indonesia and Jakarta, through rock music, this workshop focusses on translation as multisensorial, potentially anti-colonial, and—very importantly—creative play.

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Superheroes are not afraid of translation: webcomics in Arabic

In this workshop, students become superheroes tackling translations of an Arabic webcomic one episode at a time.

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A translator’s tour of Turkish pop

Tune in to the nuances of language and music culture and sound out ways of translating a Turkish hit single… in the style of a British artist.

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“These workshops are important because they give another dimension to what a text is, the circumstances of the writing and the reading, cultural, social, historical backgrounds involved. It shows to the kids that translation is not only about vocabulary and grammar, but thinking and feeling too.”
– Teacher, Lycée International Winston Churchill

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