Our Workshops

Across our recent workshop series, 85% of students rated the workshop content 8/10 or above.

Our workshop selection for your school will reflect your students’ needs, their interests and linguistic backgrounds. A one-off workshop offers a taster. Bespoke series of three to five workshops offer students in-depth engagement with selected themes, as well the opportunity to explore different translation techniques and discover art and literature from different geographical and socio-cultural contexts. See our sample series below for more information.


A Shadow Heroes series provides students with intensive training to become excellent linguists and confident critical thinkers. We work with teachers to design bespoke series for each student group. Examples of these are listed below. Please contact us for more information.

Sample Series I

Translation requires an open and flexible mind. In this series, students will develop the skills of expert listeners and mediators, exploring linguistic diversity in different settings and broadening their ideas about language and translation.

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Sample Series II

Translation is a dynamic process of communication which flows through the body of the translator. This series will ask the students to reflect on how our life experiences, interests and biases shape our translations.  

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Sample Series III

A translator can face all manner of constraints: both external and internal. This series will challenge students to think creatively and question ideas of difference and uniformity under the spotlight of language.

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