Our Workshops


A Shadow Heroes series provides students with intensive training to become excellent linguists and confident critical thinkers. We work with teachers to design bespoke series for each student group. Examples of these are listed below. Please contact us for more information.

Sample Series I

Who and what are you translating for? Know your target then get creative! This series presents students with a number of translation conundrums across different art forms, as well as the tools to tackle them. Students acquire a taste of both the constraints and the limitless possibilities that translators face in their work.

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Sample Series II

Translation encourages a discerning approach to language. In this series, students encounter the power of words to reflect or challenge relationships of power. They will explore concepts of multilingualism and linguistic diversity, and acquire a fresh outlook on literature, all while learning and applying key translation strategies.

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Sample Series III

Translation is a listening exercise. Sound is an intrinsic part of any creative translation, and the workshops of this series bring that into focus. Through exploring concepts like slang and onomatopoeia, students learn to listen to the musicality of words, think about register and rhythm, and gain creative confidence by being aware of these elements in their own writing.

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Sample Series IV

Stereotypes simplify the world, but the world’s richness would be lost without the layers of complexity that exist in every story. Translation, practised with ethical awareness, can bring these layers to life. This series equips students with the intellectual tools to recognise linguistic and cultural biases, and the creative techniques to challenge stereotypes.

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